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Cortec technology has been developed over the past 45 years by scenic designer George L. Pettit.

Based on techniques he learned at Carnegie Institute of Technology from stagecraft professor Lloyd Weninger, Pettit has refined and expanded the use of corrugated cardboard as a scenic material, developing the technology set forth in the CORTEC guide. Corrugated cardboard has played a significant role in his successful career.

Drawing on his love of the theatre, corrugated cardboard, and his interest in the sustainable use of resources, George has developed a methodology that is durable, cost conscious, and with low environmental impact. CORTEC is especially well suited for university theatre, community theatre, high schools, and children's theatre.

Since the early 1990s, George has designed scenery and props for over fifty productions with the Children's Musical Theater San Jose. The enthusiasm engendered from the success of these productions, using primarily corrugated cardboard technology, has resulted in the development of this website. The Gallery guide features production photographs showcasing the quality of scenery that has been created over a period of years. A FREE download of the CORTEC guide is provided on this website that will provide you with instructions for creating great looking scenery and props for your theater, event, or creative project.

While we believe the art of scenic painting is coming back in vogue, the successful use of corrugated cardboard as a scenic material is, of course, not dependent on the user being a scenic artist. It is meant to be used to facilitate any style or approach to design demanded by the production. However, for those interested in more information on scene painting techniques, an excellent, recently published book is:

SCENIC ART FOR THE THEATRE: History, Tools, and Techniques - Second Edition: Susan Crabtree & Peter Beudert: Focal Press, an imprint of ELSEVIER

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