CORTEC: Corrugated Cardboard Scenery for the Theatre

CORTEC is George L. Pettit's perfected method of creating theater scenery & props using lightweight corrugated cardboard and wood construction methods.

By downloading the FREE CORTEC GUIDE, you can quickly learn a new way to use corrugated cardboard to create quality scenery, while saving time and resources.


CORTEC is a methodology for using corrugated cardboard for creating scenery, props, and sculptures for theater, events, decorations, and art projects. It is low cost, durable, environmentally friendly, light weight, and easy to learn and work with. It offers a new and proven choice of a material to cover flats and construct most of your creations for almost any project. Explore this website's pages to learn more.

George L. Pettit, Scenic Designer, has built a successful career using corrugated cardboard for hundreds of shows and events. Our gallery provides photographs of projects created with corrugated cardboard.

Explore the website, download the CORTEC GUIDE & learn about this great way to create scenery!